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The PYO shaft is a mechanical articulated organ that allows the transmission of movement and power between the tractor and the agricultural tool installed.

It is generally used in order to ensure the transmission of rotary motion from the power take-off of the tractor to the agricultural machines connected to it, such as milling machines, mulches, balers and others.
In practice, it allows to exploit the engine power of the tractor to power the movement of the appendages necessary for work on the cultivated fields.

The PTO shaft consists of the following elements:

  • Cruises: that is the cross articulated elements that allow the exchange of rotation on two axes
  • Forcelle: fixed supports connecting articulated components
  • Telescopic parts: these are generally two shaped tubes or grooved shafts, one internal and one external
  • Protections: plastic coatings that act as a cover on the rotating elements to prevent the operator from having injuries


The main criteria for finding the right combination of pto shaft and tractor depend on the power of the agricultural machinery, the type of tractor attachment and the total length of the pto shaft.

GB Ricambi is careful to the needs of its customers, and knows that pto shafts are indispensable products, so it offers a wide range that can be mounted on different machines for an excellent quality yield!


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