Since 1962, there’s a replacement for everything
except for GB

Leader in the production and sales of spare parts for agricultural and earthmoving machinery


Quality and technical service are at the heart of the GB Ricambi experience.

Founded in Modena in 1962, GB Ricambi has grown steadily over the years and today is synonymous with excellence in the aftermarket spare parts sector both in Italy and worldwide.

GB Ricambi has an ultra-modern headquarters which is the strategic and logistic heart of the group, with connected production facilities.
Strategically located in Nonantola, with easy access to the main motorways, it covers an area of 120,000 square metres (25,000 covered). State-of-the-art production facilities are located here.
Investments over the years have made it possible for us to expand internal production capacity, with new brands and new product families compatible with the originals.


Production efficiency is at the heart of GB Ricambi’s corporate culture: the ability to quickly add hundreds of new items to the catalogue every week makes it possible to combat obsolescence and guarantee spare parts even for old models.


Technical competence is one of our greatest strengths: 60 years of experience in the spare parts industry and an R&D team of design engineers and mechanical designers guarantee the highest product quality and customer satisfaction.


GB Ricambi is part of a large industrial group: GB Ricambi Group. A production reality that offers over 1 million codes in stock, reaching over 40 million products, in continuous development and with 300 employees and a turnover of 80 million Euro.

Warehouse and logistics:
the pillars of prompt, high-quality service


The highly automated warehouse and the automated horizontal warehouse (storage and retrieval system) equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with a spare parts storage capacity of 80,000 totes, allow us to:


• Constantly monitor product stocks.
• Accurately predict our Customers’ requests.
• Manage all orders, whether they come from our agents, dealers and distributors, or from our e-commerce, in a timely manner.


A 24/7 service.
Our efficiency is also confirmed by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.


We offer a technical support service for order completion and code retrieval.


A revamped e-commerce platform, available 24/7, has proven to be a valuable support for all customers looking for high quality products and effective solutions for their business. More specifically, the value added by the new upgrade involves an even more user-friendly interface and extremely effective and intuitive graphics, which allow the user to easily reach the desired product through facilitated search paths and more detailed and clearer product sheets.

These are the numbers that describe the characteristics of GB Ricambi’s main warehouse in Nonantola, the heart of our logistics.

The values of GB Ricambi: from passion to sustainability

Since the very beginning, GB Ricambi has always set itself the objective of being an important reference point in the aftermarket spare parts market.


An objective that we have achieved thanks to the wide range of products managed, but above all thanks to the shared values that clearly define the culture and identity of the company: passion, ingenuity, responsibility, excellence and determination.


Passion that translates into constant commitment and the desire for continuous improvement.
This is what makes the difference between a job well done and a job of excellent quality.


The ingenuity that makes it possible to always find innovative solutions and respond promptly to market needs.

Responsibility for our actions and choices. Being responsible means honouring commitments made to customers, to our colleagues and to all stakeholders around the company.


Excellence. Not just a value, but an objective. Constant improvement of production processes and regular training of employees are two fundamental tools for guaranteeing top quality products and services.


The determination to keep going when faced with obstacles and to be able to face all the challenges that the market presents.


And, lastly, the value that frames all the others: sustainability. The constant commitment to adopt production practices and processes that reduce the company’s impact on the environment.

Our catalogues


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